Video Production Samples

From broadcast to the boardroom, we love variety! Every video production project offers an awesome opportunity to mix creativity with technology. At Content Media Group, there's no such thing as a boring video...corporate videos included. Take a look at some of our work and imagine what a well-crafted video could do for your business. The sample videos are arranged by production categories. Pick, click, watch!

  • Marketing
  • Reality TV/Sizzle Reels
  • Non Profit
  • Doc/News
Informercial Production-Fitness Product 
Fitness Product
clear Marketing Video
Marketing Video-VW 
VW: My Chattanooga 
clear Commercial
Commercial Production-Laziest Sales Guy 
Laziest Sales Guy
Non-Profit Video
Non-Profit Video Production 
clear Commercial
Commercial Production-Core X System
Core X System
clear Marketing Video
Marketing Video-Fashion Forms
Fashion Forms 
Marketing Video
Marketing Video-UCLA Health Clinics UCLA Health Clinics
clear Promo Video
Promo Videos: Dirty Girl Mud Run 
Dirty Girl-Mud Run
Sizzle Reel/Reality TV-Video Hustler 
Video Hustler
clear Reality TV
Reality TV-Give it Up 
Give it Up 
clear Sizzle/Reality
Reality TV/Sizzle Reel-Cheap Thrils 
Cheap Thrills
Sizzle Reel
Sizzle Reels: Nat Geo National Geographic TV
clear Reality TV
Reality TV-School Gyrls
School Gyrls
Medicine for Humanity
Non Profit Video-Medicine for Humanity 
Education in Africa
clear Healing Bridges
Non Profit Video-Healing Bridges 
Sudan Mission 
clear Medicine for Humanity
Non Profit Video-Medicine for Humanity 
Docs in Eritrea
Non Profit Video-UCLA MedPEP: Pre-Med Program
clear HOBY
Non-Profit Video Production 
Youth Leadership Program
Documentary: The Napalm Girl
The Napalm Girl
clear News Series
News: Japan 
Japan: One Year Later
clear Documentary
Documentary: Hiding Halina 
Hiding Halina
News: Jeff MacIntyre Demo Broadcast News Demo
clear News Series
News: Eye on Belize
Eye on Belize
clear Documentary
Documentary Film: The Legacy of Heart Mountain
The Legacy of Heart Mountain

Swiss Army Knife of Video Production

We crank out the following:

  • Commercials/Infomercials
  • Marketing Videos
  • Branded Content
  • Product Videos
  • TV News Production
  • Educational Video
  • Medical/Technical
  • Documentary Films
  • Non-Profit/Fund Raising
  • Research/Ethnography Video
  • Music Videos
  • New Media / Web Video
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Sizzle Reels / Show Reels
  • Stimulating Reality TV