Non-Profit Video Production

We love Non-Profit Videos! Some of our most gratifying work has been producing marketing videos for charitable dot orgs. We get it. Your video MUST work as hard as your organization. Our videos become your most passionate messengers, working 24/7 to convert viewers into donors.

non profit video production
Content Media Group's team of video producers travel the world, producing video that makes a difference. We have over 20 years of experience transforming the image in a camera’s viewfinder into an effective fundraising tool. While we are proud of our nine Emmy Awards, what really matters is the essential humanitarian work of our clients. Work, which would be impossible, without fundraising dollars.

With thousands of charities competing for precious life-saving dollars, how does one organization stand out from the money hungry pack? Video.

Video. A collection of moving images and sounds that not only tell a story, but transport the viewer into the story. Trying to reach the “show me-don’t tell me” generation without video is a marketing high wire act.

Anyone can shoot video. It takes a team of seasoned production specialists to turn those moving images into images that move an organization closer to its fund-raising goals. How can we help your non-profit reach its goals? Please contact us for some affordable ideas!

Non Profit Profile: HOBY

non-profit promotional video production

Non-profits who make a real difference in the world are our favorite clients! HOBY is a youth leadership organization that was founded in 1958 by TV's Wyatt Earp, Hugh O'Brian.

HOBY's mission is to inspire and develop the global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. Pretty cool, right?

More than a mission statement, we've seen HOBY in action. While producing this non-profit promotional video, we witnessed the transformation in the lives of young adults. Truly moving.

Sometimes we forget about video's awesome power. Sure, we do it with passion day-in, day-out, BUT when a client shares the impact their video has had on thousands of volunteers, it's wildly inspiring! Thank you HOBY for all you do! Contact us to produce your next awesome non-profit video.

Non Profit Profile: Medicine for Humanity

Non Profit Video Production

Medicine for Humanity is an international medical care and teaching organization dedicated to improving the health of women around the world. We’ve had a long relationship with this NGO. They are amazing people, so when the phone rings and they ask, “Can you produce a video for us in Uganda?” The only answer is, “When do we leave?” Here's a sample from their last mission at the Mbarara Hospital in Southern Uganda. This clip tells the story of Barbara, a 26 year old woman who the team removed 14 lbs of tumors from her bladder. She would’ve died without the surgery.

Since utilizing video to tell their story, Medicine for Humanity has seen a big increase in donations. We love that! Isn't it time for your non profit to benefit from a specially produced video? Contact us to get started.

Production Services

Content Media Group is your one-stop shop for full service video production. Our seasoned directors and producers oversee all aspects of your video production.

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