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"Witness: The Legacy of Heart Mountain" Documentary Wins Three Emmy Awards!The Legacy of Heart Mountain Documentary Film

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Jeff MacIntyre scored two Emmy awards at the 2013 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. He picked up trophies for Outstanding Editing and Camera for the TV documentary, "The Power of a Picture-The Napalm Girl Story".

New Media Marketing GuideThis is the New Media Marketing Guide the world has been waiting for. No need to Tweet, text or email, it's ready.

Years in the making, I present: The Guide to Passionate Disruption and World Domination. What follows is a hearty stew of New Media Education and Profanity. Reader beware...there's not as much profanity as you're hoping for. Apologies. The Management.

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Jeff MacIntyre, Content Media Group's owner, wins his 7th Emmy Award for a documentary on the tremendous contributions of The Japanese American Soldiers of World War II. Super excited is an understatement! Watch his acceptance speech and the documentary, "American Heroes".

The Napalm Girl40 years ago we met The Napalm Girl. The iconic photo woke the world up to the brutal reality of collateral damage. We traveled to Vietnam to produce The Power of a Picture for ABC7, Los Angeles. Four decades later, the photo and the girl are as powerful as ever.

Dos Equis introduced you to the "Most Interesting Man in the World. Now, meet "The Laziest Sales Guy in the World". Content Media Group spoofed one of the year's best commercial campaigns by producing two comedy spots for LiveOffice. Stay lazy, my friends.

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With thousands of charities competing for precious life-saving dollars, how does one non profit organization stand out from the money-hungry pack? Video. If you're not using video to tell your story, you're missing an amazing opportunity to convert viewers into donors. Video is the ultimate fundraising tool!

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Chances are, your "About Us" page sucks. One of the most overlooked pages, it can also be one of the most powerful if optimized properly. Squeeze more juice from your online marketing efforts with these 5 easy steps.

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Lady Gaga is part marketing genius, part scary chick you'd find hiding in your bushes after a break up. Let's focus on the marketing part. She's got what your online marketing strategy needs!

If you only implement one form of online video marketing, make it the almighty video testimonial. Instant credibility and friendly persuasion are two instant benefits. Did I mention you won't have to do anything to reap the rewards of this free marketing tool? Paying clients will be in charge of creating your video content! They can't wait, so relax and have another beer.

Today, people’s BS-Meters are fined tuned to sniff the faintest whiff of PR spin. In order to appeal, your video marketing message must reveal. Revealing, authentic communication is the key ingredient to building a loyal following and customer base. Draw the shades, dim the lights and follow these five tips to get naked with your online marketing video.

If you're not using sizzle reels/promo videos to market your product/business or pitch your TV show concept, you're missing out on some powerful marketing juice. Emmy Award winning producer/editor Jeff MacIntyre from Content Media Group reveals the five necessary components to any successful sizzle reel/promo video.

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Journalists of the New Media must commit to push beyond the four "W"s in their reporting.  Fact regurgitation doesn't make a good journalist. In today's congested news space, you need to hook people with powerful stories. Stories sell. Stories motivate. If you aren't telling stories in your reporting or marketing, you aren't connecting. You must connect before you can sell.